Top 5 Types of Nehru Modi Jacket Every Man Should Know about it India 2021

The best Modi Jacket Collection India 2021

The most versatile piece of clothing in any man’s wardrobe is the Nehru jacket. Its simplicity and charm has won many hearts of men. Take a look and see different types of  Nehru Modi Jacket.

Modi Jacket | Nehru Jacket

A Nehru Jacket is a fusion  of design that merges western cuts with traditional Indian clothing. This timeless Indian attire makes a bold fashion statement as well as gives you a classic and contemporary look. Nehru Jackets are available in various types, fabrics and colours to choose from. 

A Nehru jacket is not a single purpose or single occasion entity. You can wear it for any occasion such as wedding, a casual brunch, a business meeting, pooja, a cocktail night, etc. You can pair it up with Jodhpuri pants, tweed, pajama, trousers, jeans or chinos for a great stylish look. Nehru jackets are also pro in showing you as a handsome hunk. It hides belly fat/ flabby stomach from the mirror, which is a common problem in middle-aged men.

5 Types of Nehru Modi Jacket Every Man Should Know about it

  1. Sleeveless Nehru Modi Jacket
  2. Double Breasted Nehru Modi Jacket
  3. Velvet Nehru Modi Jacket
  4. Poly Viscose Nehru Modi Jacket
  5. Slim Fit Nehru Modi Jacket

1. Sleeveless Nehru Modi Jacket

Blacksmith Red Small Polka Nehru Jackets India 2021


The Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is mostly seen donning a sleeveless Nehru jacket over a Kurta.It is also called Modi Jacket or Nehru Jacket.This modi jacket is regular fit for men. This Nehru jacket can be used as a substitute to blazer in summers , festive wear.

Paired with: Kurta pyjama, Trousers, Jodhpuri pants, Chinos or Jeans, Tweed Pants

Occasion: Formal, Semi Formal, Small Get-Together, Festival, Wedding, Casual, Party

Top Trending Sleeveless Nehru Jacket:








2. Double Breasted Nehru Modi Jacket

Double Breasted Nehru Jacket India 2021

Double breasted Nehru jacket is sure to stamp your attire with traditional Indian look.If you wear this it makes you appear slim.

Paired with: Trousers, Jodhpuri pants,  Tweed Pants or Chinos
Occasion: Festival, Wedding, Casual, Party,Formal, Semi Formal

Top Selling Double Breasted Nehru Modi Jacket:

Tweed Wool Blue Nehru Jacket India 2021
Tweed Wool Brown Double Twisted Nehru Jacket
Tweed wood Grey Nehru Jacket India 2021









3.Velvet Nehru Jacket

Velvet Nehru Jacket India 2021

The Velvet Nehru Jacket is made from velvet fabric.If you wear it,you looks good and it add stylish flayour in your look. If you wear Velvet Nehru jacket in the evening you look more handsome.Velvet Nehru Jacket gives you luxurious look.It is always greate to wear in Winters.

Paired with: Chinos or Jeans,Trousers,Kurta pyjama, Jodhpuri pants, Tweed Pants
Occasion: Formal,Festival,Party, Wedding, Casual

Most Popular Velvet Nehru Modi Jacket:

Cotton Velvet Nehru Jacket India 2021
Velvet Jute Nehru Jacket Waistcoat India 2021










Velvet Jute Nehru Jacket India 2021









4. Poly Viscose Nehru Jacket

Poly Viscose Nehru Jackets India 2021

Poly-viscose Nehru jacket is an amazing in fashion.This Nehru Jacket be worn both casually and formally as a substitute to blazer in Summers.After wearing Poly-viscose Nehru jacket looks slim fit and it is solid pattern Party wear Nehru Jacket.

Paired with: Kurta pyjama, Jodhpuri pants, Trousers, Tweed Pants, Chinos or Jeans
Occasion: Formal, Semi Formal, Casual, Small Get-Together, Festival, Wedding

Most Popular Poly Viscose Nehru Modi Jacket:

Poly Viscose Mill Made Material Plain Solid Jacket
Raymond Men's Poly Viscose Waist Coat Nehru Jacket india 2021









Blue Men's Poly Viscose Nehru Jacket India 2021
Nirwe Poly Viscose Solid Black Men's WaistCoat Nehru Jacket India 2021









5. Slim Fit Nehru Jacket


fabrics Men's Slim Fit Nehru Jacket India 2021

Add an ethnic charm to your western classic look with this Slim Fit Nehru jacket. Fashioned with a slim fit for a comfortable and fitted look, this is lightweight and skin-friendly. Slim Fit Nehru Jacket is most usable type and wear it every occasion.

Paired with: Trousers,Kurta pyjama, Tweed Pants, Chinos or Jeans, Jodhpuri pants
Occasion: Formal, Semi Formal, Casual, Small Get-Together, Festival, Wedding, Party

Best Selling Slim Fit Nehru Modi Jacket:

Dark Brown Slim Fit Nehru jacket India 2021
vandnam_slim_fit_printed_nehru_jacket India 2021









vandnam_Slim_fit_Blue_Tweed_Nehru_Jacket India Jacket
Slim_Fit_Nehru_Jacket India 2021


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